Young artists at the Academy of European Law

15 September – 13 November 2022

To commemorate and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Academy of European Law, six young artists from France, Germany and Luxembourg have been invited to exhibit their work.

Paintings, installations, photography and viedography from Alix Desaubliaux, Luka Hair, Thierry Harpes, Katharina Jung, Luan Lamberty and Theresa Lawrenz will be shown. These up-and-coming young artists all share a passion for contemporary art – and are all around 30 years of age.

The exhibition is being shown in the Academy of European Law and is curated by the Kunsthalle Trier.

You are your friends are warmly invited to join us at the evening opening the exhibition of

THIRTIES – Young Artists at ERA

Thursday 15 September 2022 at 6 p.m.

Jean-Philippe Rageade
Director of ERA

Exhibition Opening:
Sabine Verheyen
Member of the European Parliament
Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education

Welcoming words:
Markus Nöhl
Head of the City of Trier Culture Ministry

Introduction to the Exhibition:
Dr. Lisi Linster
Assistant Curator Kunsthalle Trier

Looking forward to seeing you!

Alix Desaubliaux     

With works ranging from 3D printed ceramics and crystals to multimedia installations, the French artist Alix Desaubliaux (*1993) experiments with the fascinating intersection of art and technology. 


Don’t judge a book by its cover – don’t judge a person by their looks; that seems to be the motto of Luka Hair’s (*1992) paintings. In his creativity, the French artist questions not only the idea of ‘first sight‘, but also the tradition of portrait painting.


Bold: that is perhaps the most fitting way to describe the Luxembourg artist Thierry Harpes‘ (*1991) work. From the choice of colour to the brushwork to the treatment of the canvas – Harpes‘ work screams rather than whispers. Yet there is no dissonant clash, the colours bounce off each other and produce a stimulating vibration.


The body is at one with nature. It rises forth from it, develops with it, becomes it. The lyrical photography of the German artist Katarina Jung (*1993) is inspired by life itself. Rather than questioning the unknown or the mysterious, she immerses herself in the quest for freedom, quiet and, finally, inner peace.


The anonymity of the figures of the Luxembourg artist Luan Lamberty (*1988) only narrowly misses a depersonalisation. The figures are not gendered, not differentiated, and yet bursting with expression and restlessness. Gateways, openings and invitations to frank discussions are recurring themes in Lamberty’s work.


Concrete and steel are materials more instinctively linked to construction sites, heavy work and large, imposing objects rather than fine art. The sculptural aesthetic of the German artist Theresa Lawrenz (*1991), however, uses exactly these construction materials, to lift the veil of the mundane and emphasise the artistic potential of these materials.

The exhibition “Thirties“ is curated by the Kunsthalle Trier and is a cooperation with the European Academy of Fine Art.
 Opening times:
The exhibition is on 15 September – 13 November 2022 and can be viewed:
Mon-Thu: 9:00-17:00
Fri: 9:00-16:00